Automated Recording

All the lectures that you deliver are recorded automatically. We also make all the educational institutions accountable for transparency. While the students give their exams, the trail gets recorded automatically every minute without any hassle.

Raise Hand

If the students doubt, they can use the raise hand feature while attending the classes. As soon as any student uses this, teachers are informed about the same, and thus students and teachers can interact easily.

HD Video and Audio

While attending the classes, students and teachers get the perfect learning and teaching experience. All our videos and audios are in High Definition. HD Video and Audio feature helps in increasing student participation and also their retention for learning.

Data Encryption

All the messages and documents you share in the chat with your users are secured with end to end encryption. Our softwares are equipped with a secure socket layer certificate because of which there cannot be any misuse of your information.



You do not have to worry about your students resorting to unfair means while giving an online exam. Our proctoring feature ensures that the students do not cheat. If they do, it alerts them and if they still continue, then their exam gets cancelled.

Unlimited File Storage

With our My Files section on our software you can create your own virtual library by sharing, organising the content that you want within your software. The best thing is that you can access it anytime and anywhere.


Trigrexam’s live exam testing panel is fully supportable with artificial intelligence and equipped with proctoring features. Before students start with their exam, the software recognises their identity. It also generates a quick report with an answer key at any time for long and short problems.

Seamless Integration

Our software is developed in such a manner that it fits into your existing system seamlessly. You can easily integrate your online teaching app with exam creation tools with our robust API.


Payment Gateway

To offer hassle-free purchasing cycle, we offer the option of secure payment. Buyers can safely transfer the funds by using fluent payment gateway selection such as Payu Money, CcAvenue, etc.

Secure Cloud Base

While developing our online teaching software, our team instils hybrid security while decoding encrypted content on multiple platforms. The content that you create is embedded with premium configuration. We regularly monitor our softwares for smoothening and simplifying our overall user experience.


You won’t see our name on your software anywhere. Your software is your property, and with our white labelled feature, you can add your brand name by selecting from the options of various themes.

Interactive Interface

Our team designs the software to provide multi-tasking with smoother data processing and easy switching at a speed of nanoseconds. Users get an opportunity to access the sequential flow of information, navigation features, grid view options.

Why Choose Us?


Our intuitive and easy to use software for online teaching users can use all our softwares conveniently even if they do not have any technical know-how. They have to click a button to see what they should do and what they should not do.


TrigrExam does not believe in holding anything back. We offer a free trial with all the upgraded features that allow you to overview our software before purchasing it.


TrigrExam software for learning management is available at low rates. You are not required to compromise on your expenses or replan your budget. Opting for this mode reduces your costs on arranging classes or a centre based offline exam.


Our team has developed unique solutions for your android and iOS compatible gadgets. Users can install and use this application on their mobile and tablet devices easily. They do not have to arrange for specific devices.

About Company

Our aim at TrigrExam is to provide a simplistic platform for online learning. We believe in empowering the instructors, education service providers and corporates to deliver and manage live, self paced learning by using technology that is easy to use, cost effective and efficient. Team at TrigrExam blends ambition, innovation and science to bring to the table packaged online teaching tools. All our apps are developed by keeping in mind the fact that our innovations should always be welcoming in a manner that our users get a sense of belonging.


Meaningful Learning Is No Longer Restricted To Physical Classrooms Now ! Interaction And Assessing Students Online Is The New Trend Now!

Unlimited Number Of Students

Be it teaching or assessing, there are no restrictions on students’ number at a particular point in time. With our online teaching software, teachers do not have to worry about the cap on the number of attendees at a specific point in time. Sky’s the limit. Even when they are assessing, using our online examination software, an unlimited number of students situated in different time zones can take the test at a particular point in time.

Be Your Own Master

Our users are their masters. They have absolute control over their software. Once we set up your software, our work gets over right there. After that, it’s all yours. Users have the sole right to manage their training lessons, exchange of content between the parties and also the option of offering certification or rewarding high performers. They can use the white labelled software feature to promote their brand.

Chat In Real-Time

If the students have any problem when taking classes or giving their exam, they can access the real-time chat to clarify all their doubts. Teachers/ exam holding agencies are made aware of the same as soon as they raise queries, which helps speedy redressal of doubts. This plays a crucial role in successfully conducting classes or online exams.

Be Assured Of Disability To Capture Screenshot

While the students are giving their online exams on our software, they do not have the option to capture the screenshot and circulate the same to their friends. With this feature, exam holding agencies can maintain the exam’s integrity that instills the community’s trust at large.

Compatible With All Devices

You don’t have to arrange for a particular device while taking classes, delivering a lecture or attempting an online exam. Isn’t that amazing? Our softwares work well with all the gadgets and operating platforms such as iOS and Android. All you have to do is, opt for TrigrExam’s softwares and welcome convenience.

Supports All Types Of Content

From PDF to comprehensive scientific questions consisting of equations, our software for online teaching and online examination supports all content types. You have the option of including any format of question that you wish to incorporate while setting up your question paper. Even when you have to upload the content on your online teaching app, you can upload it in any format, PDF, PPT or a word document. The best thing is that the content can be accessed at any point in time, anywhere and on any device.

Excellent Customer Support

Are you stuck anywhere? Our customer support service is right there by your side to resolve your query. All you have to do is either contact us on the numbers provided, drop us a mail or describe your problem in the chat box. Rest everything would be assured. You’ll get the best customer support service 24*7.

How it Works?

Test accumulate rapidly in 3 Easy Steps


To access TrigrExam’s software, sign up to access our portals. Share your details to create a free account in seconds. Once your account is created, you can add all the additional information to set up your profile.


TrigrExam offers 100 courses to suit your educational goals. Amongst these courses, you can easily pick one to start your online classes or assess students or teach and assess with our softwares. If any course that you want isn’t mentioned, we will customize it for you.


Analyze your results in real-time, watch your growth and see your educational institute becoming a BRAND in no time. Trust Us To Notice The Significant Impact On Your Income!


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