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TrigrExam offers 100 courses to suit your educational goals. Amongst these courses you can easily pick one to start your online classes or assess students or teach as well as assess with our softwares.


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Unlimited Student

There is no limitation for number of students you can connect unlimited students in a single online classroom, App will work ziffy without facing any bugs or any other issue.

Control Your Operations

The users can manage the training lessons, control the exchange of content between the parties and can also offer certification or reward the high performers.

Real Live Chatting

The online classes app have feature for live chatting with students if they have any dout they can chat easily any time in live and schedule recorded lectures.

No One Capture Screenshot

The best part about this is that in this app no one can take screen shot when they trying to learn and you can set students data access.

How Our App Work?

Online Teaching App help educators for giving teaching online classes in easy way with all types of formats ranging from life to blended to self-paced

Supportive Of Various Types Of Content

Teaching of coaching to various modes and methodology helps the teachers-teaching through an online app and web-based software to maintain the interest of the learners.

Streaming In An Adaptive Form

Studying with the aid of an online app can be a hindrance if the internet works at a low speed. Thus the app should have the feature of adaptive streaming where the videos in case of no internet or slow internet are transcoded into multiple formats to avoid any kind of hampering.