What Is Best Online Teaching App

“It Has Never Been So Easy As Well As Convenient To Teach Online” The combination of technology with education in the form of online teaching software has opened up new avenues which have enabled everyone to monetize their skills by teaching online anything that the person is good at and earning money.

The article below deals with all the insights that you should know about before purchasing TrigrExam’s software for online teaching.

An Insight Into Online Teaching Software By TrigrExam

Intending to create a software that ensures continuity in learning, works well with any browser without any downloads, our professional with an experience of 5 or more years have developed a virtual classroom software to cater to the needs of teachers while teaching online.

Students and teachers now residing in any part of the world can study and teach respectively anywhere as long as they have a reliable internet connection. This has also been developing to break down the most common barriers to synchronous learning, cost, distance, as well as timing

Reasons Why You Should Opt For TrigrExam

Teachers Can Rely On Our Software’s Video As Well As Audio: Audio, as well as video, get optimized automatically in case of slow connections. This ensures continuity in online classes irrespective of poor internet connections.

Online Whiteboard: Users can easily rely on the online whiteboard feature to draw, highlight as well as collaborate with students in realtime

Switch On The Conversation Mode: The software itself optimizes the screen as well as video chat to focus on the quality conversation. Teachers also have the liberty to make announcements as well as post pictures to engage the users.

Easily Text Chat: Writing and spelling exercises are made easy with the realtime chat Group Classes: There is no limit to the number of students who can join the class in one go.

Virtual Hand Raise Option: Learning in Virtual classroom becomes fun because of the presence of virtual hand raise as well as virtual ticks feature
Reporting: The software is capable of keeping track of attendance, minutes taught, talk time as well as the record of past classes. It also has the feature of preparing comprehensive reports analysis in the form of graphical analysis.

Responsive: Students, as well as teachers, are not under a mandate to arrange for a particular device as the software works well on Android phones as well as tablets.

Advantages Of Choosing TrigrExam

User Friendly: With our intuitive as well as easy to use software for online teaching, users can use the same conveniently without any technical know-how. All they have to do is click on the button that tells them what to do and what not to do.

Create Your Course Yourself: Teachers can create the course easily as it is same as typing that can have different learning outcome. Thereby users can teach anything they love or know by simply creating courses.

Easily Launch Live Classes As Per Your Convenience: Schedule as well as launch live classes as per the learner’s as well as your time zone.

Online Video Classes: With realtime live audiovisual communication, teachers can teach face to face online. They can also upload embedded links through YouTube, Vimeo, Azure (Secured mobile app for web) as well as PCloud.

Share Study Material With The Click Of Mouse: Teachers, while using the software for teaching online, can upload documents in a PDF format so that the same can be distributed to students easily.

Easy Payments: The format of our software is such that each course is displayed like eCommerce that students can purchase easily by accessing the university’s or coaching institute’s website or by its mobile app. After the students pay, the classes get activated automatically.

Technical Support Availability: 24*7 support is available via email as well phone in case of any technical glitch. Our team is always ready to resolve your query in an instant. For this, we have three types of support.

For the support considered as a top priority, the issue gets resolved during business hours in 0-8 hours. For the issues classified as a high priority, the query will get resolved by whatsapp group as well as email within 24 hours.

The query would get resolved within 48 hours for issues classified as a medium priority and within six working days for the issues classified as low priority. Based on priority request, we also provide remote assistance through Teamviewer, monitored telephone as well as email support.

Cost Efficient: Conveniently start with the basic plan that has all the features needed to conduct classes successfully and then upgrade as and when your base grows

The Last Thought

The emergence of software for online teaching in this post CoVID era has enabled the teachers to lead a successful future towards teaching online. TrigrExam is also doing it bit by developing softwares for online teaching at cost-effective prices.