How To Sell Your Quizzes And Exams Online

How to Sell Your Quizzes and Exams Online

Shift in the future of education from offline to online, and an increased number of candidates opting for the online examination has resulted in the need to understand how to sell quizzes and exams online for businesses and educators. 

The online mode of conducting exams has gained a lot of fame lately, but the emergence of lockdown situations has made it all the more significant. Nowadays, professional associations, textbook publishers, and awarding bodies wish to make their tests available commercially to a broader audience.

With TrigrExam’s software for online examination system, their wish is granted as our online exam’s online platform can be your shop window for this. From registration to payment, from communicating results to issuing certificates, everything is automated, making it easy and profitable for them to put the entire test catalog online.

Being aware of the entire process of selling quizzes and exams online has become the “NEED OF THE HOUR.” Let us understand how to sell their quizzes and exams online with TrigrExam’s software for online exam conducting software. 

Steps To Sell Quizzes And Exams Online 

The hardworking team of professionals at TrigrExam has come up with the best solution to sell access to online exams and quizzes. The software is integrated with a simple and secure payment gateway, which allows the customer to make money by selling quizzes online.

They also permit the exam administrators to sell online exams and receive payments instantly upon the purchase of an online exam by any user consisting of a robust set of new features. Our online exam tool gives the users greater flexibility and a delightful experience to create and sell exams online. To sell your exams and quizzes online, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Create Your Online Exam

The very first step to sell your online exam is to create it. For creating exams with our software, the sky’s the limit. The well-integrated features of our software for online examination system enables you to create unlimited tests. You can manage your test settings by giving it a name, the time duration for the test’s availability, the marking scheme, and the number of times a person can access the test.

In your exams, while using online examination system software, you have the opportunity of defining objective questions ranging from multiple-choice questions to fill in the blanks to true/false types. You can also add subjective type questions where the users are under a mandate to type answers for theory-based questions. Customize your tests easily with our branding and white labeling. 

Step 2: Assign Your Tests To The Candidates 

After you have created the test using our exam management feature, the next step is to share the link to the test with all your users or directly assign the test to users in your group. Our software’s advanced management feature helps you keep track of all the students by creating a database of their name, email ID, and the mobile number who access your tests through our online exam test software. 

Step 3: Sell Your Test Or Quiz Online By Setting The Price 

You do not have to bring buyers to our platform but engage them with your test series. Tests, engaging videos, and videos can be sold online by creating an exclusive online store by choosing your tests and making online test series/exam packages. You are ready to establish your presence online after you set up your prices.

Easily keep track of all the students who access your coupons and tokens with our software. TrigrExam’s software for online assessment system comes with a seamless payment gateway integrated with PayU, PayUMoney, and CCAvenue, which helps you sell your exams online and collect your payments for faster revenue.

Once the students complete their cost, you can generate customized payment receipts consisting of your logo, address, and necessary tax information applicable to your tax laws. They can download the same after they finish the test. 

The Last Thought 

Always remember many entrepreneurs’ dream of making passive income by selling their expertise online. With this, you can increase your profits over time without necessarily having to work more hours. In this entire process of establishing your presence online, you do not have to worry about servers, installations, hosting, etc., and only focus on business. TrigrExam’s 24*7 technical support is right by your side to take care of the technology. At affordable prices, TrigrExam’s standard software for online exams lets the administrators review all the tests instantly and allows the test takers to check their results immediately. In real-time, they also have the option of retrieving results back to your systems.