How To Integrate Your Online Courses and Exams

How To Integrate Your Online Courses and Exams

With the current global pandemic, online classroom software has become integral amongst training staff and students. Along with this, educational institutes are also witnessing growing requirements of giving exams online, but online courses with exams remain a challenge. 

Business and educators have never favored their users going through the distractions of leaving their app for online teaching and using another platform for taking their online exam. 

Online examination software ability to embed seamlessly with your app for online teaching has solved this problem. 

Let’s understand this in detail with this article.  

How Can You Integrate Online Courses and Exams

Step 1: To Access TrigrExam’s Software For Online Exam: Sign Up 

To integrate online courses with exams, coaching institutes must sign up to access our online exam portal. The price of online exam software is affordable, which helps the catalysts associated with the education industry to utilize their funds towards improved learning methods. 

Step 2: Upload All The Questions On The Panel Either Manually Or Automatically 

After signing up, the next step is framing questions in any format that institutes want. Ranging from multiple-choice questions to image based questions, institutes, schools, or colleges can insert any questions either manually one by one or in a PDF form automatically. While the users add questions, they do not have to worry about security as our software is encrypted with a secure socket layer. 

Step 3: Create Test By Using The Create New Test Button 

After institutes finish uploading questions, the next step is selecting the create test option to take the exam. While attempting tests in an online written test, candidates can take a complete overview of the assessment by navigating arrows. The answers that students mark or do not try are displayed in different colored tiles. 

Step 4: Upload The Questions In The Test 

The next step is adding the questions that were uploaded. Questions can either be uploaded by our users or by Trigrexam’s experts. 

Step 5: Manage Test Settings 

With this step, it becomes easy to assign all the mandatory particulars, such as the time limit within which the candidates must complete their exam. The test automatically gets submitted if the students do not finish the test within the stipulated time. They can also set up the date and the time when the test will be made available. 

Step 6: Share The Test On Your App For Online Teaching 

In this step, integrating an online app for teaching with an online testing tool becomes a reality. The next step is uploading the created test on the app, not to visit any other website for attempting tests. n To maintain the exam’s integrity, students are required to go through a two-way step of identity authentication. Further, the feature of the online proctor in our software negates the malpractices associated with the examination. 

The Last Word 

Online programs often look good on the CV, but they are only useful when accredited and recognized. This integration of online courses with exams has not only enhanced the validity of online programs. Still, it has also resulted in taking a step ahead towards a bright future of online learning.  

Check out TrigrExam’s software for online exams if you want seamless integration between your learning management system and an online testing tool. We offer a trial with all the upgraded features as TrigrExam does not believe in holding anything back. 

Feel free to contact our customer support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer all your questions and queries. 

Happy Testing!