Online Exam Software Features & Advantages

In this post CoVID era, the only way of testing a student’s knowledge is by resorting to software for online exams, and TrigrExam is India’s best online exam software provider for online assessment. 

Today, the article deals with all the insights you would want to know before purchasing TrigrExam’s software for online examination. 

What Special TrigrExam’s Online Exam Software Have? 

TrigrExam’s software for online exams is fast and easy to use intuitive software. Coaching institutions, universities, and corporates can quickly build custom exams to start their testing today. They can freely set time limits, randomize questions, and brand exams the way the universities want to.

online exam software features
online exam software features

Software developed by the hard-working, experienced and talented team of TrigrExam enables its users to create online tests that can be used globally for business, enterprise training tests, lead generation, online certification, and Elearning


  • Send Integrated Emails, Messages As Well As Live Chat: For exam sign-in details, instructions, test results, certificates, and reports, send personalized email and SMS. During an online exam, teachers can chat live to solve the query of students. If they want to give the students some instructions, they can always use live chat to access the same. 
  • Exam along with data security: You get an email immediately when some candidate tries to copy-paste, print screen, or login multiple times. The software is encrypted with a secure socket layer that prevents users from getting unauthorized access and resorting to hacking activities. TrigrExam takes full responsibility to protect our client’s data and ensure that it cannot be shared at any cost unless the owner permits the same.   
  • Instant Support For Glitches Of Any Kind: The availability of instant phone and email support for any technical glitches enables the universities to conduct tests with confidence. Our team is always ready to resolve your query in an instant. For this, we have three types of support. For the support considered a top priority, the issue is resolved during business hours in 0-8 hours. For the topics classified as a high priority, the query will get resolved by whatsapp group and email within 24 hours. The question would get resolved within 48 hours for issues classified as a medium priority and within six working days for the problems classified as low priority. We also provide remote assistance through Teamviewer, monitored telephone and email support based on the priority request.  
  • Easily Upload Questions: With our best authoring tool for the online exam, upload question banks of considerable size in any format, be it Multiple Choice Questions, DTQ’s, True False, as well as subjective questions in an instant. The option of bulk import for problems using Excel Template is also available. 
  • Test Software Pattern Is The Same As Original Exam Pattern: Students giving practice tests do not have to worry in their final exams. Coaching institutes can create the same pattern followed in the actual exam.  
  • Responsive: Candidates can take the exam on any device, be it their laptop, tablet, mobile, or computer. They are under no compulsion to arrange for a particular machine and thus give the exam without involving themselves in any hassle. 

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  • Smart Proctoring: With artificial intelligence-based cheating prevention, it becomes easy to invigilate any suspicious activity during an online exam. 
  • Live Coverage Of Exams: Universities can ensure live coverage of the exams. They can see details such as the number of candidates taking the tests and the number of candidates who have taken the test or dropped it.
  • Ensure Smooth Exam Conduction: With our software for online exams, an enormous number of candidates can smoothly give exams concurrently, which proves to be a delight for the test-takers and the managers. 
  • Make Tests Yourself: The tutor or test mode enables the users to prepare test themselves in the manner they want to by adding the questions as per their requirement. By instilling best practices and the latest technology, TrigExam enables the users to manage their online exam, be it for entrance exams, recruitment exams, university exams, aptitude tests, or personality tests. 

The Last Thought 

An online exam software can therefore be a boon for the universities, coaching institutes, and the corporates who are finding reliable methods to assess the candidates in this post CoVID world.

With TrigrExam’s software for online assessment, professionals can be a part of the community of professionals who are using software for the online evaluation by TrigrExam around the world and can thus start creating their online tests, quizzes TODAY!