In this online education era, tutors combined with software for learning have become the backbone of the Indian Education System. Digital education’s inception has made it crucial to bring a paradigm shift in a tutor’s life by providing them with the required mechanisms to increase their efficiency and grow their business. Keeping the fact of helping the tutors adjust to this shift, we at TrigrExam have attempted to build an app for online teaching and software for online exams. We try to make them ready for an unstoppable journey for all their eLearning requirements.

While developing softwares, our team aims to help them in marking their presence globally. Our firm belief is that for teachers to survive and thrive in this disrupted world, the only possible way for them is to resort to softwares for learning management that gives them the freedom to present their knowledge globally.

Trigrexam is a platform for all the coaching institutes nationwide that provides simplified and intuitive technological solutions. Started by IIT’s in 2014, all the services provided by Trigrexam attempt to strive its best to make them advance in the education sector. All the people associated with this software are harnessed with efficiency and qualified from top IITs. It’s a reliable platform that allows you to conduct online exams and offline in any format of questions, with high speed, high security, and in a cost-effective manner. The panel that it provides is very simple, easily manageable by anyone without any difficulties.


In 2018, three friends observed that the mode to deliver education had changed drastically, but the teachers and coaching centers were devoid of a holistic platform to cope with these changes. It became evident that they were struggling to survive in the market and needed immediate relief. That’s when our founders, Mr. Manjeet Mehta, Mr. Vinay Kumar, and Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, founded TrigrExam after the success of Pesofts. Being a broad extension of Pesofts, TrigrExam was started with the idea of building an internet-based platform where educators, learners would get an opportunity to connect. From the company’s start in 2018 to the present day, TrigrExam’s tradition has genuinely driven continuous improvement in how its team operates with a relentless drive for growth.


TrigrEdge, the parent company of Pesofts and TrigrExam, consists of a team of professionals dedicated to creating softwares for online teaching and training. All its softwares have a suite of integrated features that help instructors, education service providers, and corporates efficiently deliver and manage live self-paced learning consisting of user-friendly, scalable, and cost-effective technology.